Science Communication

Brittany has teamed up with CNN International to collaborate on a project involving the intersection of science and travel.  As a science communicator, her aim is to convey high quality information to the public in a friendly and approachable manner.

For the first time in history, the Costa Rican Institute of tourism established a partnership with the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations (UNWTO) and CNN International. An innovative global campaign will be launched to showcase the new tourist identity of Costa Rica. 

“We are launching a unique campaign in history, to be developed in the most diverse platforms, whose reach is unmatched and we will reach a wide range of markets like never before. Costa Rica: My Choice, Naturally is a sensorial, inspiring and aspirational campaign that shows Costa Rica as a destination that generates authentic travel experiences that create a sense of well-being in the visitor”, explained Tourism Minister Mauricio Ventura.

This production is estimated to reach more than 421 million homes throughout the world. 

Photo: CNN Create

Monthly chronicles of Costa Rica will be promoted on CNN and its networks. Destinations will be viewed on CNN in Spanish involving CNN Mexico, CNN Latam, and CNN US Hispanics.

Ads will also be seen at CNN International, CNNI EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), CNNI Latam, CNNI US and will be seen in CNNI Asia Pacific / South Asia.

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