Science Communication Portfolio

Science Articles (selected publications):

Inside Salk Magazine, Lillian Eichner-Reading the Clues to Fight Cancer

Brigham Clinical and Research News, Anna Krichevsky, Master of microRNA

Brigham Clinical and Research News, Unravelling the Mysteries of Sex Differences and the Brain

Brigham Clinical and Research News, Khalid Shaw, Cultivating Ideas to Treat Brain Tumors


Science Blogs (selected publications):

Seeking Science Blog, Breaking it down: when protein metabolism goes wrong

MIT Blog, Yoga And Your Brain – How The Two Work Together

NeuWrite San Diego, The Neuroscience of the Breath


Produced Science Videos (selected):

Gene identified that will help develop plants to fight climate change

How old are your organs?

New study targets Achilles’ heel of pancreatic cancer, with promising results

Scripted Science Videos with Voiceover

Two therapeutic targets identified for deadly lung cancer

Finding a cause of neurodevelopmental disorders

Putting the Breaks on Aging



CNN International heads to Costa Rica

Brittany teamed up with CNN International to collaborate on a project involving the intersection of science and travel.  As a science communicator, her aim is to convey high quality information to the public in a friendly and approachable manner.

CNN Advertisement Features

Brittany has written a variety of advertisement features on topics such as the science of wellbeing, nature, the effects of caffeine on the brain, gastronomy and vitamin D synthesis. They can be viewed HERE.

CNN Commercials 

Brittany also appeared on-screen for a series of commercials for the campaign. The full-length (1 minute) commercial can be viewed below. The 30 second commercial can be viewed HERE and the 15 second commercial can be viewed HERE.


                      Essential Costa Rica, My Choice Naturally

1 minute commercial 


Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 12.39.19 PM
Photo: CNN Create



The production was estimated to have reached more than 421 million homes throughout the world and was the winner of the Best Production at The International Tourism Film Festival in 2017. 







Social Media and Marketing

In addition to the advertisement features and commercials, Brittany helped create content for the CNN Create Facebook page and Instagram account to promote the campaign. Watch below to hear Brittany talk about the neuroscience of creativity, meditation and happiness.


The Neuroscience of Creativity with Brittany Fair for CNN Create



The Neuroscience of Meditation with Brittany Fair for CNN Create


Happiness with Brittany Fair for CNN Create