Want to work out at home? These are my favorite FREE Youtube videos to target butt, abs, legs and arms

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Yes, a personal trainer would be nice, but most of us either don’t have the time or the money to regularly see one. Instead, watching a Youtube video can provide a fun, energizing workout all under the roof of your own home. For those of us with kids or dog children, this is a major advantage. So here are my top video picks (that I regularly return to) for a solid workout.



These weighted butt lifts WORK! Keep adding on weight to increase the burn!


Only have 5-min? Here’s a quick workout for when you’re short on time.



This video was actually sent to me as a recommendation from my husband. I have found that after doing it a couple of times, it really makes a difference!


Want a solid 10-min ab workout? This may be the workout for you.

Getting defined lower abs is HARD! But this video, combined with losing belly fat, can help you tone and build your abs. Skip the intro to get right to the workout (1:40).



This video was created by Well + Good. Not hard enough for you? Pick up some 15-20lb weights to really start to feel it in your thighs. Although this video is only 6min long, you can repeat it a few times for added benefit.

Want to target your inner and outer thighs? Test out this 10min workout- no equipment required!



Time to get ripped! I love Rebecca’s energy during this workout- it keeps me going!

Don’t own any weights? No problem! This video is all about arm pulses to build muscle tone.


Is there an area of the body that I missed?

Do you have a favorite video that you think I should add to my list?

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