FREE Yoga for Triathletes

OK triathlete friends, this one is for you! I'm sure your coach has told you to stretch more often, but are you really doing it? To make things easier, I've compiled a list of my favorite FREE yoga videos to stretch and relax muscle groups used during the swim, bike and run. Enjoy! SWIMMING reading FREE Yoga for Triathletes

FREE Yoga for the FULL BODY

Starting from the bottom up! Here are my favorite yoga routines for the feet, legs, hips, abs and shoulders. FEET Our feet work hard every day, yet they are often neglected when it comes to self-care. These yoga-for-feet videos will help relax any lingering tension, and get you ready for your next run. reading FREE Yoga for the FULL BODY

The Neuroscience of the Breath

This article was originally written for, and posted on, NeuWrite San Diego. NeuWrite San Diego is a collaborative group of scientists from various departments at UCSD, including UCSD Neurosciences, Psychology, Cognitive Science, and Biology, and from the Salk Institute. Scientists Search to Uncover the Mind-Body Connection Mind-body practices, which stem from traditions originating in countries such as India, … Continue reading The Neuroscience of the Breath

5 Reasons to Take a Mental Health Day

It will reduce your stress Stress affects everyone, and it can silently build up until you feel weighted down.  Although not all stress is bad, work-related stress is often detrimental to physical and mental health. The National Institute of Mental Health recommends finding activities, such as meditation and exercise, that can help reduce everyday stress. … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Take a Mental Health Day